Company Information and History


Name Handa Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd.
Founded December 1937
Capital ¥100 million
President and Representative Director Akitaka Niimi
Employees 266 (as of April 2021)
(Of which about 20% are foreign nationals from Vietnam, Brazil, China, Indonesia, and other countries)
Businesses Manufacture of lift brackets for forklifts
Machining of forklift and automobile parts
Design and manufacture of industrial-use hydraulic cylinders
Design and manufacture of Image inspection systems
Design and development of IoT products
Principal customers Toyota Industries Corporation; Aichi Corporation; Komatsu Lift Co., Ltd.; Sumitomo Nacco Forklift Co., Ltd.; Mitsubishi Logisnext Co., Ltd.
Address 161 Higashiokudacho, Handa-shi, Aichi Prefecture 475-0034
Phone: 0569-21-2417 Fax: 0569-22-5054
Affiliates Hanju Co., Ltd. (sale of industrial-use hydraulic cylinders)
 161 Higashiokudacho, Handa-shi, Aichi Prefecture 475-0034
Phone: 0569-21-2419 Fax: 0569-22-5054
Handa Oil Cylinder Co., Ltd. (located in Taiwan; imports of materials and other products)

Timeline HISTORY

December 1937 Toshiaki Niimi founds Handa Jukogyosho.
April 1938 The company starts doing business with Toyo Bearing Mfg. Co., Ltd., (present-day NTN Corporation).
1942 Hiroshi Teramachi (the founder of present-day THK Co., Ltd.) and others launch an effort to develop, improve, and sell a ball bearing manufacturing machine.
June 1943 Handa Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd., is incorporated.
April 1947 The company starts doing business with Toyota Industries Corporation.
April 1956 The company starts producing masts for Toyota’s first forklift model.
January 1971 The Okuda Plant (present-day 201 Plant) starts operations.
June 1998 The Okuda 202 Plant starts operations.
April 2004 The Okuda 202 Plant is expanded, and the Head Office Plant is absorbed by the Okuda Plant.
May 2004 The company earns ISO 14001 certification.
April 2005 The company earns ISO 9001 certification.
November 2006 The Okuda 301 Plant starts operations.
December 2007 The company marks the 70th anniversary of its founding and completes construction of a cafeteria and employee welfare building.
August 2012 Handa Oil Cylinder Co., Ltd., is established as a subsidiary of the company in Taiwan.
May 2014 The company receives the President’s Award for Quality from Toyota Industries Corporation.
December 2017 The company marks the 80th anniversary of its founding.
October 2020 The company launches its first image inspection system.