Message from the President


We’ve developed our business for more than 80 years based on a corporate creed that incorporates part of the Toyoda Principles, which comprise the basis for the Toyota Group’s philosophy. Since being founded in 1937 and entering into our first business transaction with Toyota Industries Corporation in 1947, we’ve manufactured a variety of parts and products as a manufacture that specializes in forklift parts and hydraulic cylinders.

The automobile industry is currently in the midst of a once-in-a-century transformation involving electrification, self-driving systems, and other technologies, and it goes without saying that the field of industrial machinery, of which we are a part, cannot escape the impact of those changes. We’re working to develop technologies with the goal of increasing our awareness as a supplier and creating more advanced products and parts so that we can grow in a sustained manner based on our three-word creed. You could describe our commercialization of image inspection systems that combine robotics with AI technology as part of that effort, a manifestation of our willingness to embrace the challenges of new business domains.

Handa Heavy Industrial’s goal is to become a global company that attracts people, goods, and information from around the world. If we were a country, our goal would be to become a nation like Luxembourg, Switzerland, or Singapore. We already have a multinational workforce. At the same time, we’re also working to accumulate advanced knowledge by participating in joint projects with universities and other outside research institutions.

Since the manufacturing market cannot be expected to grow in the future, corporate management must learn to accommodate change. If Japan can be called a developed nation that’s facing an array of novel challenges, including falling wages due to the proliferation of low-value-added work, manpower shortages caused by a shrinking and aging population, and lagging adoption of digital technologies, then you could say that we’re advanced company that’s facing novel challenges.
These issues are especially striking for small and medium-size companies, and the ability to find solutions for them will impact those companies’ ability to continue doing business. We’ve augmented our core business of manufacturing parts by launching new businesses that provide expertise, systems, and equipment that resolve some of the problems we’ve faced using the Internet of Things (IoT) and information and communication technologies (ICT) in an inexpensive manner. Our hope is that small and medium-size companies will be able to use them to gain true competitiveness and to help build a foundation for future growth.

Akitaka Niimi President and Representative Director


  • Faith

    Approaching one’s work in a spirit of sincerity and seeing it through to the very end

  • Enterprising spirit

    Consistently embracing the challenges posed by new undertakings

  • Affectionate kindness

    Worrying, thinking, and breaking through the status quo with others as a member of society

Management Philosophy PHILOSOPHY

  • Quality First

    Providing safe products with exceptional quality

  • Customers First

    Providing products that satisfy customers

  • Technological Innovation

    Working to create pioneering research and new value for a new era

  • Inclusive Engagement

    Respecting each person’s humanity and working together towards goals