EDI Order Processing Systems


EDI Order Processing Systems

Streamlining order acceptance and placement by centralizing information

・Planning, development, and sale of EDI order processing systems

Are you grappling with order processing issues like these?

  • ◎ You’re having trouble managing the placement of orders with business partners due to use of multiple methods, including fax, phone, and email.
  • ◎ Human error, for example in the form of workers losing documents, misunderstanding instructions, and forgetting to send documents, is leading to mistaken orders and hindering process management.
  • ◎ Man-hours are being wasted on tasks like making calls to see if faxes or emails were received.
  • ◎ Workers who aren’t responsible for order placement are having trouble because they don’t know anything about the status of orders.
  • ◎ You’d like to computerize the process but lack the specialized staff to do it.
  • ◎ You’ve been putting off purchasing an IT system because it seems like it would be prohibitively expensive.

Sharing information with business partners in the cloud
Resolve problems with the order acceptance and placement with an EDI order processing system!

Computerize paper- and phone-based order acceptance and placement with our EDI order processing system. Adopting a centralized, cloud-based approach to management lets you place and accept orders in real time and check inventory quickly and accurately. Improved work efficiency will also let you reduce manpower requirements.


  • ◆ Computerized, centralized management to streamline complex workflows and person-specific information

    Share order placement information to eliminate human error and various kinds of verification work that have characterized your process to date. Centralized management also lets you share verification of outstanding orders and delivery delays. Additionally, you can review history data (deliveries, shipments, and inventory) at a glance just by entering the necessary statistical queries.

  • ◆ Compatible with the computer or tablet you’ve already got—no need for expensive IT purchases or specialized skills

    We’re able to provide this product at low cost because we designed it ourselves. It supports Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, and you can use it on a standard computer or tablet. It uses Web-EDI, so there’s no troublesome installation process, and you don’t even need a dedicated line.

  • ◆ Support for manufacturing companies that rely on multi-product, small-lot production

    In addition to order placement and delivery for large numbers of products, the system provides seamless support for partial (multiple) deliveries as only Handa can.

  • ◆ Paperless workflows for increased corporate value

    Lower paper costs and less storage space mean cost savings. Additionally, use of an environmentally friendly system helps improve your corporate value.

■ System diagram

Order placement screen (1)

Order acceptance screen

When an order is placed on the order placement screen by the company placing the order,
the status on the order acceptance screen at the company receiving the order changes to “ORDERED.”

Order placement screen (2)

When an order is accepted on the order acceptance screen by the company receiving the order,
the status on the order placement screen at the company placing the order changes to “ACCEPTED.”

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