Hydraulic Cylinder Development


Hydraulic Cylinder Development

Proposing optimal products for individual customers as a specialist in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders

・Design and development of hydraulic cylinders

Are you grappling with these issues like these in the procurement of hydraulic cylinders?

  • ◎ You want hydraulic cylinders that can withstand offset loads.
  • ◎ You want hydraulic cylinders for a special application.
  • ◎ You want lightweight hydraulic cylinders.

Resolving hydraulic cylinder problems

We use our many years of experience and proprietary expertise in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders to develop compact, lightweight hydraulic cylinders. We plan and manufacture ideal products with testing and production equipment that is designed specifically for hydraulic cylinders.

▲ Strength calculation analysis screen


  • ◆ Our status as a hydraulic cylinder specialist

    We can provide products that are optimized for individual customers by drawing on expertise in the design of hydraulic cylinders that we’ve accumulated over many years of experience in the area, along with test equipment, production equipment, and human resources.

  • ◆ Successful joint research with the Tokyo University of Science

    We developed a proprietary design theory through joint research with the Tokyo University of Science.

  • ◆ Ability to propose optimal manufacturing costs

    We can propose products at optimal cost levels by drawing on production equipment, line configurations, and material procurement routes that we’ve accumulated through the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders over many years.

  • ◆ Ability to handle a variety of specifications

    We conduct research on a daily basis so that we can realize the maximum potential of hydraulic cylinders, for example by fitting them with sensors that can measure pressure and stroke.

  • ◆ Sensor technology that’s backed up by a specialized manufacturer for peace of mind

    We supply quality that inspires peace of mind through a partnership with EVEX Corporationin the area of sensor technologies such as length-measuring sensors.

■ Hydraulic cylinder development process

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